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Deep Cleaning

54-Point All-Season Deep Cleaning

54-Point All-Season deep cleaning is most commonly known as a spring clean. It is the most comprehensive and thorough cleaning service. Every home needs a once over deep cleaning at least once a year. Most of our customer prefer a quarterly or semi-annual deep cleaning and some do prefer on every clean.

A clean place gives a client a sigh of relief and sense of pride of ownership. Service Joy MAIDS provides great house cleaning service to all size home whether it a small apartment, condo, primary residence, vacation rentals, Airbnb, a ranch home or a mansion.

Here Is Our Exclusive 54-Points All-Season Deep Clean Checklist:


  • Clean and sanitize interior and exterior of the microwave.
  • Hand-wash the stove and backsplash.
  • Hand-wash cabinets and drawer exteriors.
  • Clean the exterior of appliances.
  • Clean the interior of the refrigerator.
  • Clean the interior of the oven.
  • Clean and sanitize the sink.
  • Load breakfast dishes into the dishwasher.
  • Hand-wash counters.
  • Wipe the kitchen windows.
  • Wipe down tables and chairs.
  • Wash floor with special attention to corners.
  • Clean inside and outside of the trash can.
  • Tidy up, remove trash, and reline the trash can.
  • Hand wash exposed baseboards.
  • Clean behind the refrigerator.
  • Remove high cobwebs.


  • Toilet scrubbed clean, disinfected.
  • Shower and tub scrubbed clean.
  • Sinks hand-washed.
  • Shower glass cleaned.
  • Counters hand-washed.
  • Mirrors cleaned and shined.
  • Light Fixtures cleaned and shined.
  • Remove smudges from light switch plates.
  • Floors hand washed.
  • Clean & sanitize trash cans.
  • Tile scrubbed clean.
  • Hand wash exposed baseboards.


  • Tidy up, and make beds
  • Change linens when provided.
  • Clean tile and wood floors, vacuum carpet.
  • Dust and polish furniture.
  • Remove trash.
  • Clean and sanitize trash can, inside and out.
  • Remove high cobwebs.
  • Remove dust from the ceiling fan.
  • Remove smudges from light switch plates.
  • Dust picture frames.
  • Wipe clean window sills and tracks.


  • Wash wood floors, tile floors, and vacuum carpets.
  • Vacuum couches and upholstered chairs.
  • Dust and polish furniture.
  • Remove cobwebs.
  • Remove dust from blinds.
  • Remove dust from ceiling fans.
  • Remove smudges from light switch plates.
  • Remove smudges from doors.
  • Hand-wash inside and outside of trash cans.
  • Hand-wash window sills and tracks.
  • Hand-wash front door glass.
  • Hand-wash sliding glass doors, vacuum tracks.
  • Hand wash exposed baseboards.
  • Pick up and straighten common areas.


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